Article 1 - Choosing A Breed: Are You Right for the Rottweiler? Posted on 04/15/15 You have decided that you want to purchase a Rottweiler puppy. Where do you begin the process? I suggest you start by taking a step back to reconsider if a Rottweiler is really the dog for you. The Rottweiler is a great breed of dog. In fact, I think they are the best breed. They have brought a great deal of joy to my life through the years. I absolutely love them, but I must say that they are not for everyone.... read post
Article 2 - Choosing a Breeder Who Really Cares About the Breed Posted on 04/14/15 You have studied the specifics and have determined that the Rottweiler is right for you. Congratulations! Now what do you do?... read post
Article 3 - Choosing a Litter: What is in the Genes? Posted on 04/13/15 You have chosen your breed. You have chosen your breeder. Now it is time to choose your breeding.... read post
Article 4 - Picking a Puppy: Which One Is Right for Me? Posted on 04/12/15 You carefully selected your breeder. You chose which breeding interested you based on the sire and dam. Now you have to pick which puppy from the litter is the right one for you.... read post
Article 5 - Choosing A Puppy: Testing the Temperament Posted on 04/11/15 We want to address the most important factor when choosing a puppy, and that is sound temperament. It matters not how beautiful a dog is if he or she has an unstable temperament.... read post
Article 6 - Preparing For A Puppy: Anticipating the Arrival Posted on 04/10/15 In order to make the homecoming enjoyable for both the puppy and the human members of your household, there needs to be some proper planning and preparations made in advance.... read post
Article 7 - Picking Up Your Puppy: Making a Good Transition Posted on 04/09/15 The day has finally arrived. It is time for your new puppy to join you at home.... read post
Article 8 - Feeding Your Puppy: Developing Good Eating Habits Posted on 04/08/15 Your new puppy is a bundle of energy. He plays hard and then sleeps hard. He expels a lot of energy each day and therefore he needs his energy supply regularly replenished with a nutritious diet.... read post
Article 9 - Choosing a Vet: Are They All The Same? Posted on 04/07/15 When you purchase a new puppy and bring it home, it ought to be in perfect health. It is now your responsibility to maintain its good health.... read post
Article 10 -Socialization: How to Introduce Your Puppy to People and Other Dogs Posted on 04/06/15 The confidence that the puppy develops in meeting strangers and the social behavior he learns during this critical stage will remain largely fixed through the duration of the dog's life.... read post
Article 11 - A Five Star Rottweiler Posted on 04/03/15 A good Rottweiler will make a solid grade in the areas of health, temperament, type, structure and genetics.... read post
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